Robert Hocking
Rob with his beloved heritage tomatoeslovely gill
The Boss harvesting heritage tomatoes, 30 degrees in the polytunnels John & Ron Luke
John & Ron Luke in one of their tunnels

Makes me happy when all these berries are in season! @resnathanoutlaw

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Harry Hocking
Harry labouring in the fieldBen Perry
Ben Perry the funky blueberry grower

The best dishes come from the best ingredients @nathanoutlaw @chrissimpson80

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Heritage cherry tomatoes, a flavour festival in your mouth

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Rob with the apprentices from Fifteen on their annual sourcing visitjamie robert
Proud Rob with his award from Jamie for seven years association with Jamies restaurant and apprenticesfruit
A wonderful display of summer fruit grown by John & RonButtervilla Growers Ansom
Heritage Italian Tree tomatoes on the vinegardeners elight
The most delicious cherry tomatoes ripeninggaraguette
Mara des Bois ripe and readymore garaguette
Gariguette the chefs favoriteheritage toms
Green heritage tomatoes destined for chef Neil Haydock's fried green tomato dishraspberries
Ripe and just picked raspberries will be in the restaurant kitchens within hoursrhubarb
Early season rhubarb, an underated and versitile fruit
megans strawberry
Luke's strawberries, a photo by Megan Stroudjohn strawbs
April strawberries, first of the season for The Scarlet kitchen in North Cornwallheritage tomatoes
Some rare and wonderful tomatoes grown from seed sourced by Robert & Gill on their travelsall colours
Juicy or what?all sizes
A late summer mixture of colours, shaapes and tastes.proper veg
Early season Lady Crystl new potatoesansom tomatoes
Beautiful Earl Edgcumbe yellow tomato, a tasty and rare variety with a wonderful storymore fruit
Yum Yum mid summer fruit ready for the kitchensButtervilla Growers Ansom
Imagine the taste of sweet, juicy ripenesslush veg
A new season Catronia potato, grown by John & Ron Luke, the top of our list for great roast & chips


Buttervilla Growers produce a range of exceptional produce - heritage tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries, rhubarb, blueberries, herbs and vegetables, hand grown using organic and natural methods, with much love and care.

Everything is grown on a small scale using traditional methods, the fruit is picked fully ripe & ready and delivered in hours for that special freshness that sets us apart.

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Buttervilla Growers are a small group based in and around the Tamar Valley. The valley had been famous for growing fruit in large quantities. It is recorded that visitors to the area on river steamers in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries had the impression of travelling through one vast fruit garden. In its heyday the Valley employed more than 10,000 people on small family market gardens, sadly most small growers have gone due to competition from larger growers in other areas. Buttervilla Growers are returning to the tradition of small market gardens, using those age old traditional methods. Our produce is revered by chefs for the flavour, quality and freshness it offers.

Today three small family business form the core of Buttervilla Grower.

Rob & Gill Hocking look after the development and growing of the heritage (a.k.a heirloom) tomatoes along with other fruits and manage the ordering and deliveries

John and Ron Luke with their families grow some of the finest soft fruit you will ever taste. Luke's Farm have been growing strawberries for sixty years. Mr Luke senior was a soft fruit consultant and a pioneer of pick your own. They have always grown a large selection of varieties with flavour being their top priority and continue to grow traditionally, in the soil using natural methods.

Harry Hocking with his partner Tamara, a student on the horticulture degree course at the Eden Project will be the next generation growing on the farm. Both have green fingers, a love for the land and sustainable farming. In their hands Buttervilla Growers will continue to develop and flourish.

Ben Perry originally from the Tamar Valley, farms a 6 acre hillside in the nearby Penquite. With his family (Sal and their twin sons) he grows the most delicious blueberries and currants for Buttervilla. β€˜The fruit seems to thrive here’, says Ben, β€˜the land sits on igneous rock, and is full of natural springs. We grow all sorts of produce, but the main focus is the fruit’. There’s a lot more to come, including the maturing of an 80 tree heritage variety Cornish apple orchard. We hope he continues to expand his range of produce because he has taste, quality and sustainability as a hallmark of his crops.

Raspberry delight

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Lobster special tonight @fishkitchen @timbo1990 lobster scampi, tomato and lobster salad

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@buttervilla at it again stunners

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Nathan Outlaw summer fruit from Buttervilla

heritage dehydrated tomatoes 2017
End of 2016 season heirloom tomatoes in the dehydrator for use over the winter
Heritage Buttervilla tomaatoes stored in EVOO for tasty treats during the winter and spring



Malwina a new discovery, Nathan Outlaw said they were too tasty and he could'nt balance the dish!!Fifteen Cornwall
Lunch of heritage tomatoes with Italian burrata cheese and edible flowers prepared by the Fifteen apprentices on a sourcing visitButtervilla heritage tomato chilli sauce
The makings of Robert's heritage tomato & chill sauce, a new product with a real punch of heat & flavour Ben Perry
Ben Perry in his element

The Cornwalls with Rob at Fifteen
Ben's Ansome Blueberries
Belle de Fontanay 4
Beams Yellow Pear77
Big Brammer8
Shetland Blue



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Prepare your tastebuds

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Salt cod, almonds, smoked tomato and basil @resnathanoutlaw @alexmurtagh_

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Lucky chefs

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First @buttervilla tomatoes of the season looking rather nice πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‰πŸ…πŸ™Š

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@buttervilla strawberry dessert on the menu @resnathanoutlaw @chrissimpson80 #Cornishstrawberries πŸ“

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Cornish Gariguette strawberries. First of the season. The very best strawberries you can get!

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Nathan Outlaw Buttervilla Tomatoes Nathan Outlaw Buttervilla raspberry tarts

Nathan Outlaw raspberry ytart